RoscoLED® Tape Static White Gaffer Kits

Vibrant, Versatile Lighting Solutions

The RoscoLED Tape Static White Gaffer Kits provide quick and versatile solutions for the most challenging lighting situations. Combining color-correct strips of durable LED tape with simple plug-and-play connections offers filmmakers fast, easy set-up that minimizes the downtime between takes. The kit is available in Tungsten (3000K) or Daylight (5600K) configurations and contains multiple, short strips of High CRI (>90) LEDs that have a protective silicone coating for repeated use indoors or outdoors. Operating on 12VDC, the RoscoLED Tape found in this kit works seamlessly with our LitePad product-range to offer a broad range of illumination options.

Superior Color Rendering

Every 12V strip of RoscoLED Tape generates a high output of white light with 93 CRI and 92 TLCI. This allows RoscoLED Tape products to be mixed with other non-LED light sources for seamless integration on set– without additional filtration or modification of the LEDs.

Plug-And-Play Connectivity

RoscoLED Tape - 12V Strips come pre-configured with 2.1mm DC barrel connectors that are designed to quickly plug into our range of 12V power and dimming accessories. This is the same connector found on Rosco’s popular line of LitePad™ LED lighting fixtures – enabling filmmakers to easily integrate RoscoLED Tape and LitePad products into their set ups. 

Durable, Long-Lasting Illumination

RoscoLED Tape 12V Strips feature a robust, 3 oz. copper heat sink. The integrated copper enables efficient thermal management of the LED emitters, allowing them to run cooler and extend their lifespan. The thicker copper base also minimizes potential for damage to the electronic circuits during handling and installation. RoscoLED Tape 12V Strips also feature a silicone coating, which not only provides greater durability, but also an IP67 rating that enables the strips to be used both indoors and outdoors.

What's In The Kit:

(2) 3" Strips of RoscoLED Static White LED Tape with silicone coating & 2.1mm barrel connectors

(2) 6" Strips of RoscoLED Static White LED Tape with silicone coating & 2.1mm barrel connectors

(2) 12" Strips of RoscoLED Static White LED Tape with silicone coating & 2.1mm barrel connectors

(2) 24" Strips of RoscoLED Static White LED Tape with silicone coating & 2.1mm barrel connectors

(2) 10' extension cables

(1) 4-Way Splitter Cable

(1) 3A Power Supply (100-240VAC-In/12VDC-Out) 

(1) AA Battery Holder 

(1) Car Adapter 

(1) Single Fader Dimmer

(1) RF PWM Remote Control 

(1) Sentinel 912 Carrying Case


Kit Specifications:

Package Dimensions: 14" L x 12" W x 5.4" H (35.6cm L x 30.5cm W X 13.7cm H)

Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)


RoscoLED Tape Strips & Tiles Specifications:

LED Configuration: 3 emitters/inch 

Heat Sink: 3 oz. Copper 

Lumen Output: 38 lm/in. (1500 lm/m)

Color Temperatures 
          Tungsten: 3000K
          Daylight: 5600K

CRI : 93

TLCI: 92

Voltage: 12VDC

Power Consumption:

  • 3” Static White Strips = 1.45W/0.12A
  • 6” Static White Strips = 2.9W/0.24A
  • 12” Static White Strips = 5.8W/0.48A
  • 24” Static White Strips = 11.6W/0.96A


IP Rating:  IP67 for use indoors or outdoors

Warranty: 1 year

Part Numbers:
293220003000    RoscoLED® Tape Tungsten Gaffer Kit
293220005600    RoscoLED® Tape Daylight Gaffer Kit

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